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I ordered a winter coat on sale from the Delia's website using regular shipping so they said I would get it in 7-10 days. They gave me one order confirmation email but I never got a shipping confirmation email.

Fast forward 8 days later and my order still hasn't shipped. I got the order number from the one email they sent me and tried to track it on the website (btw the track order link is very hard to find) and it said "order not found." By now I was pissed so I called the customer service number and was put on hold. The first girl I talked to asked me my order number and address, then hung up on me. I called back and the next girl was more helpful-she looked up my order and told me it had already been delivered.

Obviously this wasn't true, I even went to my apartments front office and had them look for it and it wasn't there. The Delias girl also said they had until the 13th to ship my order (3 days after it should have been delivered) so I should wait. I had already paid almost $60 and I could have asked for a refund but I really wanted that coat! I waited another 2 days and my order still hadn't come.

So I emailed customer service this time not wanting to be put on hold, but never got a reply. I called customer service again and this time the rep was helpful and simply shipped me another one free of charge.

I got that one on time today because it was expedited shipping and a reply to my email (finally!) with a free shipping coupon. Even though I got my order eventually, I really doubt I'll order anything from Delia's website again!

Monetary Loss: $56.

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your a hater. I love delias. It is awesome and your are just an ignorant person

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