I ordered a bikini from Delia's a clothing store online. I received the bottoms but the top was back-ordered and would be available a week from the date of my order. Or so I thought.

After a week I checked on the status of the other half of my swimsuit and the availability date had been pushed back a couple of days. A few days later I checked again and the date had AGAIN been pushed back. This is when I called Delia's and asked when the other half of my swimsuit REALLY would be available. The person on the phone was less than courteous and said that it is just an estimate.

Since I had already waited nearly 3 weeks by now I continued to wait. All the while stuck with half a swimsuit. The last time I checked on the status it said CANCELLED. Delia's did NOT notify me that I would NEVER be receiving the other half of this swimsuit I had purchased. Although I wasn't charged for the back-ordered top I had been charged for the half I received. What do they want me to do with half of a swim suit?

I am returning the bottom half but will not get reimbursed for the original shipping amount on the bottom half of the swim suit which amounts to $10.50. Would I have ordered this swimsuit if I knew in the end I would NOT have a swimsuit but STILL be penalized $10 bucks!! OF COURSE NOT! This is horrible business practice and I will never shop from them again.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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