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I ordered a pair of boots on when i looked at my order status it said that they were IN STOCK and ready to ship. when i just checked my order stauts it says they wont be available until 1/1/12.

the original order said that they would arrive by Christmas. i am BEYOND pissed. delias failed to update they re website to tell me this item was back ordered. DO NOT order online from delias, i have heard other stories like mine.

again i highly recommend not ordering from delias. that was my very first and last time ever ordering from

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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #608213

I ordered three dresses on the delias website on january 13th! They had no problem taking the money the same day but it is now feb 13th and I have not recieved my order!

I called saturday the 9th to ask wtf was going on and they said they would 'expodite' it to me and it should arrive by today.. (still nothing) Its disappointing since they actually have cute clothes and I wanted to wear one for tomorrow (ya right) this is the first and last time I will be ordering from delias. Ive never had this problem with any other online store.

So unless you want to be ripped off and scammed for an imaginary order, I suggest you do not shop at delias. NEVER AGAIN


:upset :cry :(

My daughter got a gift card for Delias for xmas and I tried to place an order with the card. Something hung on the order and when I went to try again -it told me that the gift card is invalid.

(It worked the first time I entered it).

I called Delia's customer service and they 'seemed' helpful. They said that they knew that there were problems with gift cards and they would manually enter my order so I placed the order by phone. I never got an email confirmation (as they promised they would send).

They never placed the order and now the gift card is invalid. I am livid!!! I will NEVER order online from them and I will never SHOP with them again.

I am going to try calling one more time to try to get this resolved but given all that I read here - I am not holding out hope.

Medford, Oregon, United States #594362

I ordered a swimsuit on December 13th with second day delivery.

Date: December 13, 2012

I had to call when my order didn't come in time for Christmas. The girl from Delia's told me the items were back ordered. I asked why didn't I get any notification of this? She said " it's the customers responsibility to check the order status that Delia's doesn't send out notices that an item has been back ordered. She made an adjustment to my account for shipping and we ended the call. This was on December 26th I called.

Then today, I checked and it says the I cancelled the order!!! NOT.

Why is your company run like this?? I didn't get a notice that my items were back ordered and I had to call to find out the status!!

I called again today, because Delia's doesn't notify customers that an item is out of stock, once the order is placed. I ordered my items a month a go. I do NOT expect this kind of service from a American company. Even when I buy from Asia I get a notice that the items is no longer available or back ordered.

You need to re-vamp your procedures Delia's. You have *** customer service and I will NEVER EVER give you a single dime. I will tell everyone and everywhere how terrible your business is. I don't even like your stuff. It's CHEAP!!!

As I can see from other comments, I'm clearly not the ONLY one. It's really crystal clear that Delia's does NOT care about customer service. I guess if you sell enough tank tops made in China that makes up for it.

Thank you very much for you TERRIBLE buying experience!!!

Off to Yelp and any other website I can write a review. :( :?

Novi, Michigan, United States #585356

beyond pissed. my daughter's entire xmas present was ordered from, all items were "in stock," and i ordered in time for xmas delivery.

called on 12/22/12 and am told my order is ON HOLD.


I placed an order for a nice dress for my daughter on October 18th and noticed two identical charges on our bank account today from Delia's so I called to inquire about it. They mentioned they put an availability hold on the funds right when the order is placed (Oct 18th) and once they ship (Oct 19th) they process the charge but won't take the hold off until the 26th.I mentioned it was never explained on the website anywhere that it was their policy to double charge my account.

They are aware they do not state it on their website but they don't do it for everyone also they stated they cannot take the hold off sooner which is ridiculous! I will never shop there again!

I am going to post this everywhere so everyone will be aware they will not have access to the funds held for a week or more. This is unnecessary and bad business.


I ordered my prom dress and shoes off of delias website. I was not aware until two days later that my shoes were on back order.

They had taken all of the money for my dress and shoes out of my bank account which was fine, until I woke up one morning to find out my bank account was -277 dollars. They had never put the money for my shoes back in my account like they should have. I had enough money for all of the things I bought. But they kept trying to take the money out of my account for my shoes which caused my account to go into the negative.

Which caused my bank to charge lovely overdraft fees. I sat down with my bank to see if they could fix it, they said there was nothing they could do because it was Delias fault for how they took the money out of my account. Delias refused to do anything for me about it, even though they charged me for my shoes more then once. And to be quite honest I am very unimpressed with my dress anyways the material is very itchy.

Anyways to anyone who shops online DO NOT USE YOUR DEBIT CARD! Im only 18 and no one ever told me not to use my debit card. So that is my advise to anyone!

Im still pissed about all the *** this store caused me but I cant get my money back. So just be careful when you buy stuff online(: Sucks to lose hard earned money :/


I've ordered from Delia*s multiple times and everytime something is on back order!! They do not tell you in your shopping cart it really does say that it is in stock and ready to ship.

It doesn't notify me that it is on back order UNTIL they send me an email that tells me which of the things from my order has been shipped and which have not. :cry


I've been ordering from Delia's for years. I've never had a problem.

Once you put an item in your cart it will tell you if its available "now" or not. If it's not, it will give a date of when it will be.

It's not that difficult, just be an informed and smart consumer and read. :sigh

to Sarah #582440

Not so Sarah. I am a savvy consumer and my experience with this store mirrors the other reviewers.

Ordered product, no notice of back order until I called customer service. Yep, don't buy from Delia's online.

to Sarah #582442

They back order everything! They place holds on debit cards!

The FULL shipping charge is charged with the first shipment.

They do this BECAUSE THEY KNOW you will be canceling the back ordered items and the don't want to lose out.


to Sarah Fulton, Missouri, United States #601989

So not true Sarah!! I ordered a dress for my daughter in January of last year for graduation with plenty of time to get it in.

When I ordered it was in stock but then was out of stock when I checked on the order! Worse: I canceled the order after waiting THREE months. The supervisor was really nice when I cancelled the ordered. But what a surprise when a dress shows up at our house in August and they have charged my credit card!

I had to call proably 4-5 times to get a return address label and they never did credit my card the total charges. Never have I had this experience and reading all these posts shows how many others have had similar issues!

to Sarah Frederick, Maryland, United States #614390

Not true, Sarah. I just ordered tennis shoes from there and it said everything was in stock.

I didn't even get an email when my sunglasses shipped, and no email to tell me that my shoes were out of stock. I would have bought them.somewhere else had I known.

to Sarah #674767

You all realize, people have different experiences. Sarah could have had great service. You don't know if she did or not because you aren't her!


Delia*s online service is horrendous. My mother ordered from them for Christmas presents, and Delia*s did not inform her that the items she had ordered were back ordered.

Instead, they simply cancelled the order without notifying her first.

Awful online service, I've heard more horror stories far worse than these. Beware of ordering online from Delia*s!!

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